Student with Down Syndrome crowned Homecoming King

This seems a fitting followup to the image I posted yesterday.

From the Washington Post:

Kevin Schombert, a student with Down Syndrome, was crowned homecoming king this weekend at Urbana High School in Frederick County.

Schombert is a manager for the school’s basketball team and a huge sports fan.

“Kevin lives, breathes and bleeds Urbana Hawk Blue. Plus, he has a contagious smile!,” said senior Caitie Cyr, on a facebook page she created earlier this fall to rally support for his nomination.

“Let our legacy be more than championships, let’s do something that will make us all feel good. NOMINATE KEVIN SCHOMBERT HOMECOMING KING 2011!!!”

Caitie’s mother, Jennelle Cyr, was at the game when Kevin’s name was announced. “By the time his name was read, the entire home side of the stadium was chanting his name.”

“After the announcement, the “Urbaniacs” (student lead school spirit team) began a cheer in his honor! ” Cyr said in an e-mail.

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5 responses to “Student with Down Syndrome crowned Homecoming King”

  1. At first when I read the headline, I thought you were talking about Mississippi.

    Looks like big hearted students are all around us! Blessings to the students at Urbana High School and Northwest Rankin for their kindness (and to any other school out there that looks past the physical differences and into their friends’ hearts.)

  2. My daughter’s school here in Arizona had Homecoming this past weekend, and she mentioned to me that the Homecoming Queen had Downs Syndrome. At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, but in light of this story, I feel proud that her fellow students also could look past the physical differences.

  3. I am a Senior and go to urbana (not that I’m bragging;) lol) and I can say with all my heart that no one deserved this more than Kevin. There wasn’t really a choice for us. All the seniors new he was the heart and soul of Urbana. Plus Kevin looked so handsome in his formal wear last Friday:) I honestly wish that everyone could meet Kevin, because once he smiles you would fall in love. Go Kevin! We are all proud of you!!!

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