Crystal Cathedral: was the Holy Spirit the highest bidder?

Get a load of these intriguing details, courtesy Kathy Schiffer at Seasons of Grace:

According to Tim Busch, one member of the Crystal Cathedral’s board told him as the court proceedings drew to an end, “I like the way you guys have handled this, and I’m going to convert to Catholicism.”  Wednesday evening in the courtroom, she walked up to the bishop and repeated that.

Schuller himself gave his blessing to the sale.  “I could not abide the thought,” the 85-year-old minister wrote in a letter to the court, “that Chapman might someday use the cathedral for nonreligious purposes.”  Catholic leaders had promised that they would “take on your calling of proclaiming Christ’s message to humanity” and “care for the campus like the treasure it is.”

I asked Tim whether he had any personal thoughts about the sale, or about the long road that had brought the Diocese of Orange to this point.  He answered easily:  “Highlight that the Holy Spirit was involved, and that He changed hearts.”

The Crystal Cathedral board acted prudently; it wasn’t all about the money or all about them. They knew that God had given them this property, and they sought to preserve it as a place of prayer.  It was truly a conversion, and truly an opportunity to see how the Spirit works.  That is the story.

Read it all.

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5 responses to “Crystal Cathedral: was the Holy Spirit the highest bidder?”

  1. About 36 hours ago, I posted this on the earlier blog about this purchase:

    “Seems to me that the Book of Job has the answer here:
    ‘The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.’
    or should that biblical verse now be reversed ?
    ‘The Lord taketh away — and the Lord giveth — Blessed be the name of the Lord.’

    And let me simply say now. . . “Amen!”

  2. The story of the Pearl of Great Price suggests that $57 million isn’t too expensive a budget item.

    Shrug. California isn’t like other places. The Crystal Cathedral isn’t a normal choice and there are drawbacks to its architecture in use; but buying it seems like a good evangelistic decision, and for more than just this one guy.

  3. Note that they are buying more then the church but an entire campus of admin buildings, school rooms, retreat center as well located as one person noted earlier in a more accessible section of the diocese for the less wealthy. They will also sell the chancery building as it will move the the complex.

    construction numbers in california are inflated- not only because of usual cost of living and land costs but also due to the need to meet strict earthquake construction standards

    ( glass panels are apparently glued together in a way to withstand up to an 8.0 earthquake)

  4. Most of the posts on the LATIMES story tore into the sex abuse, “why this waste” (Judas when Jesus was anointed with precious oils) and such drivel. I wrote to ask IF same concerned citizens queried the cost of even one nuke submarine, or one aircraft carrier OR the WMD lies that started Gulf War Two and the billions for the past ten years, lives lost and ruined on all sides. Then the fraudsters and crooks on Wall Street and the Mortgage crew getting paid back from tax dollars. Judas-Pharisees.

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