Great Scott: a visit to Fitzgerald’s grave

With some time to kill this weekend, my wife and I decided to pay a nostalgic visit to St. Mary’s in Rockville, Maryland, the chapel where we were married 25 years ago. Afterward, we dropped by the graveyard next door to pay our respects to its most famous residents, Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald.

This is what we found:

Someone had thoughtfully left behind a well-thumbed copy of “Tender is the Night,” an open bottle of wine, and a partially filled glass.

Cheers, old sport. And Happy Thanksgiving.

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2 responses to “Great Scott: a visit to Fitzgerald’s grave”

  1. I may be wrong, but I thnk it is a “tradition” that those items are left in front of the grave each year—or maybe I’m thinking of the gravesite of Poe.

    Anyhow, as mentioned above—Congratulations on the 25 years! My husband and I are heading for our 47th in December.

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