Marriage is a marathon

And this couple decided to get married during one.

They tied the knot while running the New York City Marathon last weekend. Really. Mary and Raymond Donaldson said “I do” while puffing their way through the 22nd mile.

Somehow, I don’t think they went through Pre-Cana…

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  1. Between ’94 and ’06, I ran 24 marathons. I cannot imagine doing ANYTHING as serious at getting married during a 26.2 run…and ESPECIALLY at mile 22, which is when I was usually thing only of puking!!

  2. “thinking”, not “thing”. It’s early.

  3. Irish Spectre says:

    Ah, the good ole’ days, when adults actually forged past their adolescent ways as they chronologically matured!

  4. After arguing with my wife this morning, I was beginning to think it was a war. ;)

  5. Hey I can post at the Deacon’s! I guess they fixed what was wrong. Finally.

  6. Morgan Burleson says:

    Getting married is a something very noble and I feel that is I can find ways to save my marriage I would do it. Unless my spouse is not willing to work things out with me.


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