Stunning: from conception to birth visualized

The miracle of life illustrated in a powerful and humbling new way.  Take  10 minutes and be awed.

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8 responses to “Stunning: from conception to birth visualized”

  1. Excellent visualization. Now if they can just avoid using the phrase as they did showing the baby at 9 weeks is “kind of like a little human being.” It is a human being from conception with the same DNA they will have after birth and when 90 years old. From conception it is alive or it would miscarry. It can never form into any other living thing than what God has designed and that is a human being.

    I think the more that people see things like this, hopefully they can open their heart, mind, and soul to the full realization that this life is created by God in His image and likeness and deserves to be protected during their entire life from conception to natural death.

  2. Deacon Greg,
    The complexity of the human body is the way that I best can relate to regarding the existance of God. We must always start with the building blocks of life (egg and sperm) before there can any possibility of life.
    The complexity and intracacy is mind boggling.
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. I want to watch the 2 hour video, not just 10 minutes!

    The more advanced science gets, the stronger the case for “Intelligent Design” gets.

    One of the big questions I have for Jesus when I get to heaven, is that I want to understand all of human biology, how every thing works. down to the level of the atom inside DNA.

  4. This film is incredible! It is so humbling and makes one realize that life begins the moment a female egg is fertilized by a male sperm. What an incredible work of art we humans are. Yes, we go through an embryonic stage, but we are still alive. This film is a real blow to law for having abortions. It would seem to me that those that choose abortions are guilty of murder. Yes, they are taking a life. Isn’t that murder? Even the mathemetician that developed this film is in awe of the complexity of the development of the human being. Wake up America! Life is definitely “divine”, or in other words, the work of God. I am truly humbled and filled with such wonder. What a gift He has given to the world. And to think that His own Son, Jesus Christ, developed like that in Mary’s womb! God is great!

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