Feel the joy!

I saw this last night on a friend’s Facebook page and spent part of the morning trying, without success, to find the artist.  It may be the most striking, moving, uplifting and utterly human depiction of The Visitation I’ve ever seen.  As we prepare for Christ’s coming, shouldn’t we all be feeling this way?  This is Advent.

UPDATE: Well, part of the mystery of the picture’s origin has been solved. Searching in Google, I found the shot below, which I think may come from the film “The Nativity Story.”

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11 responses to “Feel the joy!”

  1. There actually seems to be a signature in the lower left hand corner if someone can enlarge it enough to read it. It looks like it might be a digitalized image instead of a painting, but I could be wrong.

  2. It is so nice to see this depicted as a joyous moment. For whatever reason – maybe because of the seriousness of the event or the foreshadowing of the Crucifiction – our holy images for the most part are depicted without joy. But Christ’s message is a joyful one and to be filled with God’s Love and Spirit is joyful. The other point – and I will be brief – this picture brings to mind the joy women experienced over the ages when they found themselves pregnant – even though pregnancy for most of our history was dangerous for the mother. How proud and thankful I am for all the strong and self-giving women who have gone before me who embraced their pregnancies with joy and love even in the face of all the risks and fear. Thanks MOMS!

  3. I love this picture. It brings back a fond recollection and a few tears of joy.

    A few years ago, I was living in Westchester County, NY and had to go to the city (that never sleeps) on business. That very morning I had taken an at-home pregnancy test and it came up strongly positive!

    I remember walking up Madison Avenue when the reality hit me. I started to laugh out loud – right there on the sidewalk. I thought: Now I know why Sarah laughed. She wasn’t mocking God because she was pregnant in her old age, as I had thought. She was deliriously happy, as I (being in my 40’s then) was.

  4. I wanted to thank everyone for the encouraging words for the painting “Jump For Joy.” Painting is my worship time with the Lord, and I feel so blessed to be able to share this gift to glorify His name. The painting was based on the scene from the nativity. The true joy of Christ is reflected in the faces of Mary and Elizabeth. It moved my heart so much that I had to paint it. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to use my art to bring glory to his name!
    “I am simply the brush that God uses!”
    Matthew 5:16

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