Fr. Ken

A deacon friend sent this my way. It belongs to a priest, who explains:

A long time ago, this friend, Mary Ryan (RIP) made me a Ken doll with a full set of liturgical colored vestments – here he is in purple for Advent, and stands in my office as a reminder that Advent is a time for preparing the way of the Lord… he will come, just be patient!

How about a Sister Barbie?

  • Eugene Pagano
  • Melody

    Eat your heart out, Barbie! But cheer up, GI Joe left a text.

  • Jeanne

    Check out the Nun Barbies at

    She does the most lovely work! I have a Carmelite. I teach k-!st CCD and I always bring my Carmelite Barbie with me for my lesson on Saint Therese, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Teresa Benedicta, and St. Teresa of the Andes!. The kids just love my doll and I do too!

  • Phyllis Zagano

    The doll in the photo is in camoflage boots and carrying a sword; my recollection is that a priest (even a priest-chaplain) is not to carry a weapon, especially ceremonially, especially when vested.

  • jkm

    That’s not Fr Ken, it’s Fr GI Joe. Perhaps he’s a chaplain. The sword was left behind at a Knights of Malta installation; he’s just bringing it to the Lost & Found closet. Not quite sure about his blindfolded canine deacon or acolyte. At least it’s not The Black SheepDog!

  • http://www.frsteve.v Fr Steve Porter

    I was told that my picture had appeared on your blog, sent there by a deacon of our diocese. You are welcome to it. The original was a Ken-doll, but when I moved once I ditched the doll and just brought the vestments (btw, full set of four liturgical colours). When I needed it for a show-n-tell I had to buy a doll and the GI Joe was the first to come to hand. The sword is (and btw priests can be armed…) the word of God (Heb 4,12) and is pointing downwards in the true military fashion to honor the dead (the maker of these vestments – Mary Ryan [of your mercy pray for her soul] is now deceased), and if anyone wants to make a connection to a chivalric order, let it be the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem! The dog is a mineature schnauzer, wearing sunglasses, and his name is Beowulf – the slayer of dragons, and the original is now nearly 14 years old.