“God’s igloo”: Germans build Catholic church made of ice

I shudder to think what baptisms would be like.


A church built entirely of ice and snow has opened in Bavaria — a century after villagers first built a snow church in an act of protest.

The church at Mitterfirmiansreut, near the Czech border, is more than 65 feet in length and boasts a tower. It’s made up of some 49,000 cubic feet of snow.

The structure was bathed in blue light as it opened Wednesday evening with a blessing from Dean Kajetan Steinbeisser.

But when the ancestors of today’s villagers built the first snow church in 1911, they weren’t thinking just of architectural achievement.

Steinbeisser says: “It was meant as an act of provocation — believers from the village got together and built a snow church because they didn’t have a church here.”

You can see more pictures of its construction here. And a video, which shows the structure being blessed, is below.

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  1. Cool!!!!

    …Ice and snow, bless the Lord.

  2. Reminds me of building snow cathedrals with my 12 year-old son here in northern Vermont. We would put candles in walls and we would pray in the perfect silent peace, and it was not cold at all. I would read stories to him too. Inside the structure is very cozy and warm, but you need to keep a good snow pack on the floor or it can get wet. I would pile a huge amount of snow with our large tractor and then spay the exterior with water from a pressure washer to form a hard semi-transparent shell, then dig out the interior usually leaving a pillar or two to support the roof. It’s a blast and your children will never forget the experience. I never did. The only trouble with kids is that they grow up and move out and leave dads no one to play with anymore.

  3. Paul L.–

    Sounds like a book waiting to be written!

    Go for it!

  4. Dear Deacon, If you are interested in how a Baptism could turn out in the “ICE CHURCH,” goggle “Baptism Eskimo Style.”
    God Bless – MTMelvin

  5. deaconnecessary says:

    Well, if Superman can have his icy Fortress of Solitude, I guess the God-man can have his Ice Church….

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