Have you ever eaten a church window?

I have.  Several this morning, in fact.  You can add these to the list of reasons why I need to wear an alb.

These Occasions for Sin are a holiday staple at my in-laws: confections of colored marshmallows, wrapped in dark chocolate, and packed with enough calories to knock you out until the Rose Bowl parade.

You can google for recipes, but here’s one I found.  Some use coconut, gum drops or nuts.  I like the simple marshmallow-and-chocolate variety myself.  (My wife will argue that I like them a little TOO much — and I don’t think my doctor would disagree.)


  1. My aunt Julie used to make these “stained glass cookies” as she put it and they were a once a year scrumptious treat at Christmas.

  2. Deacon Mike Brainerd says:

    Stained Glass cookies and Tiramisu-a perfectly balanced meal

  3. Yes, and some angenettes (Italian cookie) made my food pyramid. (now the fruit/fiber/protein is back) ; )

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