Stuck for a last minute gift? Here’s a little something for the Christian who has everything…

Msgr. Pope discovered it a few days ago:

Have breakfast with Jesus every morning! In the past you’ve had see him with eyes of faith. Now you can seem him right on the toast! It’s the Jesus Toaster! Just $31.95 plus shipping and handling.

No Christmas is complete without this fine new toaster.

Was not Jesus born in Bethlehem which means “House of Bread!?”

So celebrate Christmas all year long!

Did Jesus not leave his face on Veronica’s veil? Now you can see his face and eat it too!

With the Jesus toaster you just never know where Jesus will pop up!

Check out the rest.

And if you’re curious, check out the whole line of odd toasters at this link, including — I kid you not — a Virgin Mary Toaster (see below).

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  1. Another one for the Christian Kitsch Hall of Fame! Would fit right in with the abalone shell grotto with a crucifix that my in-laws brought back from California. Or the glow-in-the dark Sacred Heart statue with a magnet that my grandma had on her dashboard.

  2. …or any one of the nativity scenes that Deacon Greg posted about a little while back….

  3. Being in California (and BTW from the beach-front village that originated the Abalone shell shrines) I thought I had seen it all. I should send Deacon Greg a photo of the Our Lady of Guadalupe statues they sell out here that have twinkling christmas lights embedded in her body-size halo. My confirmation kids have nicknamed this representation, “Our Lady of Las Vegas”.

  4. Please send so he can post…would love to see it.

  5. deaconnecessary says:

    I love collecting “Christian Kitsch!” Had I known about this earlier, I would have asked for it for Christmas!

  6. There’s another new one I saw lately; do you have the “talking rosary” that answers you back, with the voices of Carmelite nuns?

  7. “Now you can see his face and eat it too!”

    We do this every time we receive Holy Communion, though we only see dimly as in a mirror.

  8. naturgesetz says:

    Will the people who get one of these start a pilgrimage site for people to come and see the image?

  9. pagansister says:


  10. Christopher says:

    Thank you for your website ministry. I am moved by your uplifting choices and daily words of Hope. The Deacon’s Bench is only my daily reading list for spiritual growth and knowledge of the Gospel in action. May you be blessed and your website be widely read.

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