From the Department of Excessive Excess

For the really really rich executive who has everything:  a smart phone that’s so smart, it costs $2,400.

A review:

Let’s begin digging into what will interest the business elite — the phone’s design and hardware. First off, we’ll need to answer the first burning question: does the P’9981’s cost have anything to do with functionality? After all, a device that costs that much should certainly do our laundry for us, right? Nope. Wash the dishes? Nuh uh. Walk our dogs? Strike three. The use of “fine materials,” as well as the limited production and eye candy factor, all contribute to the sky-high costs, and it has absolutely nothing with what you can do with it. But then again, if functionality is all you’re looking for, you can find that just as easily in top-notch mainstream devices for less than $700 unlocked. In the case of the P’9981, stamping the Porsche Brand logo across the top is what draws curious eyes (and wallets).

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