Matthew Broderick’s Day Off

For those of us who still have warm, fuzzy feelings for Bueller, try this: a new Honda ad, set to debut during the Super Bowl, but getting an early push on the interwebs.

To Honda and Broderick all I can say is: “Danke shoen.”

YouTube Preview Image

  • Bridget

    Lovelovelove :) Thanks for posting this!

  • Fr. Jim

    Takes me back to the 80′s!

  • Irish Spectre

    I give this a strong A, missing the A+ only by its lack of a Detroit Redwings jersey in there somewhere!!

  • Thomas R

    I might be about the only child of the 80s who thought Bueller was kind of a punk and was not just real fond of that movie. Yet if you were a kid or teen in the 1980s it ends up being a nostalgic thing anyway. Weird.

  • Jo-Ann

    If all the commercials are going to be as good as this, and the Star War dogs, it’s going to be a fun evening as well as an exciting one. Go Giants.

  • LLSinSCV

    For the rare individual who has NOT seen FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, this IS Ferris, all grown up and still being Ferris.
    Yup, this proves it… there’s a “Portrait of Matthew Broderick” hiding in his closet!!!

  • Regina Faighes

    Yes! :-)

  • naturgesetz

    Interesting. My thought watching it was, “My, how he’s aged!” I wouldn’t have known it was Matthew Broderick if you hadn’t told me.

    And à propos “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” I realized the second or third time I saw parts of it that it’s really a Chamber of Commerce promotional piece about Chicago disguised as a comedy.