Matthew Broderick’s Day Off

For those of us who still have warm, fuzzy feelings for Bueller, try this: a new Honda ad, set to debut during the Super Bowl, but getting an early push on the interwebs.

To Honda and Broderick all I can say is: “Danke shoen.”

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Lovelovelove :) Thanks for posting this!

  2. Takes me back to the 80′s!

  3. Irish Spectre says:

    I give this a strong A, missing the A+ only by its lack of a Detroit Redwings jersey in there somewhere!!

  4. I might be about the only child of the 80s who thought Bueller was kind of a punk and was not just real fond of that movie. Yet if you were a kid or teen in the 1980s it ends up being a nostalgic thing anyway. Weird.

  5. If all the commercials are going to be as good as this, and the Star War dogs, it’s going to be a fun evening as well as an exciting one. Go Giants.

  6. For the rare individual who has NOT seen FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF, this IS Ferris, all grown up and still being Ferris.
    Yup, this proves it… there’s a “Portrait of Matthew Broderick” hiding in his closet!!!

  7. Regina Faighes says:

    Yes! :-)

  8. naturgesetz says:

    Interesting. My thought watching it was, “My, how he’s aged!” I wouldn’t have known it was Matthew Broderick if you hadn’t told me.

    And à propos “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” I realized the second or third time I saw parts of it that it’s really a Chamber of Commerce promotional piece about Chicago disguised as a comedy.

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