What is Benedict discussing with the U.S. bishops?

Some insight on recent ad limina visits, from John Allen:

Predictably, Pope Benedict XVI’s own priorities — the push for a “new evangelization,” meaning outreach to lapsed Catholics, and the defense of religious freedom — have figured prominently. Yet a variety of other issues have also surfaced, including:

  • The sexual abuse crisis;
  • American debates over marriage and the family;
  • The new translation of the Catholic Mass;
  • The state of Catholic schools, hospitals and charities;
  • Parish closings;
  • Vocations and seminary life;
  • The changing demographics of the American church.

The fact that a subject arises doesn’t necessarily signal a policy shift or new initiative, but sometimes papal interest alone can have consequences. For instance, Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York reported that Benedict asked the Americans questions about immigration, which came across as a sign that defense of immigrant rights is a papal priority.  In other cases, the meetings allow bishops and Vatican officials to iron out their differences. This time around, that’s included a special focus on parish closings.

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  1. “The new translation of the Catholic Mass”

    It is done. What is there to discuss?

  2. The pastoral care of the people praying it? Ways to use it to deepen our faith?

  3. Hopefully to revise it. The more I listen to it, the less I like it. It’s just stilted English.

  4. Whether or not the new translation’s actually being implemented, and what to do about priests who ignore it or comply halfheartedly?

  5. Deacon Bill says:

    And, in addition to the above concerning the new translation?

    “How soon to begin the process of a Fourth Edition and its translation?”

    God bless,
    Deacon Bill

  6. ” Ok guys , let’s see by a show of hands raised high : who will it be?
    Newt or Dan ?

  7. Phyllis Zagano says:

    You think maybe they are talking about women deacons? So far 130 US diocesan ordinaries have received copies of “Women Deacons (by Gary Macy, Bill Ditewig and Phyllis Zagano) as part of “Books to Bishops”–about 60 more diocesan ordinaries to go!

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