A sure sign that it’s Lent

You start to see commercials like this…

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  1. I never noticed this all the years I lived in Southern CA, but the fish promos here in Ohio are everywhere. Fish fries, too. I guess Catholics are good for the fast food economy.

  2. yum.

  3. Deacon Jose says:

    Should’ve waited until tomorrow (or Friday to see the ad). I’m hungry now :-)

  4. Full confession here, I actually like McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish. I’m sure that Wendy’s sandwich actually contains fish, where as the McDonald’s one has about as much fish as a Krusty Burger has beef.

  5. I started going there last year a few times over Lent and was glad to see the offering. It was so good I decided to continue having the fish sandwich after Lent, but found out they only offered during the Lenten season. It is welcome to see a business recognize the faith practices of Catholic’s and other Christians that choose to follow the meatless Fridays during Lent. I’m not sure if this is part of the corporate culture or not, but I heard the founder, Dave Thomas, who was adopted, was very supportive of adoptions which helps support the pro-life cause. So to thank Wendy’s for recognizing our first amendment right to freely practice our religious beliefs in choosing to not eat meat on Fridays make sure to stop at Wendy’s this Lent, and hold off on asking “Where’s the Beef” on Fridays till the Easter season.

  6. Last year, Hardees offered a fish taco. I don’t see it this year. I liked Long John Silver’s fish taco better.


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