And the winner for Best Song…

…is right here: this hilarious tribute to self-awareness, “Am I A Man or A Muppet?” from “The Muppets.” If Mother Dolores Hart didn’t have her moment on the Oscar stage, I’m glad that the Muppets did.  And I was cheered to hear the composer thank the late, great Jim Henson.

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  1. Having seen the movie, and totally enjoying it, I too was glad to see the song win the Oscar. Yes, I agree that it was great to hear the composer thank the late Jim Henson— a truely talented man.

  2. with all the music in the world a 50/50 chance to win ( which wasnt a bad movie either. I heard a a radio story about the music rating system for the oscars. Its sounded more demanding than any of the other catagories.

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