From Mark, on Greta

The following comment was posted on an earlier thread, from Mark:

You might have noticed I have had a number of posts in the last hour or so. I lost my partner this afternoon, the love of my life, my Greta. I am mad as hell about losing her and remember the many battles she waged to try to end abortion and it makes me mad to see Catholics defending this guy and his party of death. I would love to understand how in the face of everything they can see how this happens. I would have loved to see my Greta see the end of legal abortion in her lifetime. but Catholics prevented that as they danced to find new ways to keep the party of death in power and supported. I see here many dancing to support this action by this same evil man and bashing those who try to fight to defend life and religious freedom. None ever really address how they justify this with proportionate reason or how they justify the fact that the abortion mills call him their partner. I read in the gospel of John commentaries last night a quote from Thomas Aquinas. It went something like this. When I looked out into the sunlight, I could see. When I closed my eyes, the sunlight went away and I could no longer see the light. When we choose to close our eyes to evil, we lose our sight and become blind to the light of Christ and soon find ourselves justifying evil. I have one wish as I close off this sad day. I wish that everyone would take a moment to open their eyes to the light and see the evil that they are fighting to defend and think about stopping their support of the evil so that babies can have life denied by this party of death. If we stop giving them life, they will change or die and that is a good thing. Catholic support keeps the party of death alive and well and thus each vote provide direct material support to evil we know they are partner to. By giving them your vote and support, you are also a partner to the abortion mills.

Good night and maybe goodby. Pray for Greta and for the family. And pray for those who are blind that they might soon see.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her…

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