If you really don’t care about the Super Bowl…

…and you’re looking for a way to kill eight minutes, try this.  For the curious, here’s audio for this Sunday’s homily, as delivered at today’s 11:30 am Mass.

Just click the green arrow.

Homily for May 3, 2015: 5th Sunday of Easter
Homily for April 26, 2015: 4th Sunday of Easter
Movement begins to have priest who died on the Titanic declared a saint
Homily for Pentecost: "Strike a match. Set the world ablaze."


  1. Actually, I don’t care about the Superbowl, this, from someone who’s nuts for college ball. But everything about pro football has become irritating to me over the last 10, maybe 15, years. And yes, ESPN’s coverage of college ball is increasingly grating (esp. in terms of the arrogance of the commentators), too, but it’s still not as bad as pro ball.

    Anyway, I’d listen to the homily, except that we got a fine one from our own deacon yesterday, so, I’m good to go for awhile yet. :) edp.

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