“Our Lady of Perpetual Windex”?

That’s one of the names one wag has suggested to replace “Crystal Cathedral.”


Just days after finalizing the purchase of California-based megachurch Crystal Cathedral, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has decided not only to rename the site, but also to take suggestions from the public on what the new name should be.

More than 600 suggestions were collected within the first 24 hours of the announcement, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The only catch is that “any suggested name have a ‘Christological’ relevance, that is, the name must refer to the nature and person of Christ or to his activities as illustrated by the gospels,” according to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange’s website.

Participants should also stay away from names referencing Mary or even the apostles, CBS Los Angeles emphasized.

Entries are due by Feb. 20, and Bishop Tod Brown will announce the winner at a later date, according to diocese’s website.

Naming restrictions aside, a writer for Patch offered some rather clever suggestions for the church’s new name, including Jesus Coast Plaza and Our Lady of Perpetual Windex — a dig the building’s iconic glass exterior.

The Diocese of Orange finalized the $57.5 million purchase on Feb. 3.

The building will be redesigned and serve the area’s nearly 1.3 million Catholics, the Associated Press reports.

According to one local TV station, other contenders include:  Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Christ Cathedral, and Cathedral of the Resurrection.


  1. How about Church of Do Not Cast Stones? He who might cast the first stone might break something. ;)

  2. How about: “Our Lady of the Light”

    “I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

  3. I guess they are staying away from patron saints as an extension of the agreement to use the structure “for Christ”, and because the old Crystal Cathedral congregation is sticking around in the building for three years.

    I still think they should stick with the eschatological New Jerusalem stuff of having all that glass and crystal imagery. “Claritas” is one of the words for the glory of God, also.

    Light of the World and Light of Christ are perfectly good names already suggested. “Christ, Sun of Justice” is also a good one, or “King of Glory,” or “Christ the True Light” (Lumen Verum).

  4. “Christ the High Priest” would be pretty good.

  5. My mom lives in the Diocese of Orange and suggested, “Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral”.

  6. Ooh, I like that. “Holy Name” has dignity, and it does pretty much say it all. It would be positioned to make reparation in a strategic location (ie, close to an entertainment and business capital). Very nice.

    Also, you could have a giant IHS plaque somewhere. That would be nice.

  7. The Windex reference reminds me of the parody I did some eight years ago on the Ave Maria Oratory glass church. Looking back at it, is also had a Crystal Cathedral reference.


  8. Beautiful to look at from the outside, but people worship on the inside where the endless lattice of steel tube scaffolding has all of the spiritual aesthetic of a New York City building receiving a facelift.

  9. Friar Rick says:

    Crystal Light?

  10. I love the sound of “Crystal Cathedral” Lets keep it and simply add “of Jesus Christ” So full name: “Crystal Cathedral of Jesus Christ”

    And I have a problem with not having an option of naming it after Mary or the Saints. The Church paid a whopping $57.5 MILLION! We should name it what we want! Since when are the protestants accomodating to the Catholic Church?!

  11. I still think this was a big, glassy, gaudy mistake. I’m glad it’s not my diocese.

  12. And if the argument that it was a “deal”, then I say, flip it. It would make a nice big glassy, gaudy hotel. Or conference center. Or aquarium.

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