Seeing red

In tribute to New York’s new Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the city’s other new landmark — the soon-to-be-finished One World Trade Center — is wearing red.  (Take that, Empire State Building…)  A tip of the red biretta to Rocco for the snapshot.  Read more about it here.


  1. Mike Andrews says:

    Empire State Building to Dolan: Drop Red!

  2. And a Philadelphia blogger has scooped all of the New York bloggers.
    Rocco, how do you do it?

  3. Phyllis Zagano says:

    I took the call when the Empire State Building phoned to ask what color the Archdiocese of New York wanted them to light the building in honor of the homecoming of then-newly elevated John Cardinal O’Connor. The Empire State folkls now light for everything they can think of–so long as it is not Catholic. Glad the new WTC is the new NYC beacon of light.

  4. Very classy tribute.

  5. What a comeuppance to that Malkin guy. No lights for Mother Theresa, but lights for China. Hilarious. One World Trade Center will soon dominate the skyline and this is a good start.

  6. Once again Cardinal Dolan showed his great sense of humor during the morning prayer service yesterday. He was telling all of us that his new red hat belonged to all of New York and that now that he was back home it would be like placing it on top of the Lady in the Harbor and like the Empire…he stopped and looked around and with a big smile said I mean 1 World Trade Center. He had the entire Cathedral ROFLing! I think his sense of humility and his ability to poke fun at things will serve him and all of us well.

  7. Ron Lussier says:

    Why would 1 WTC honor a guy who facilitated hundreds of kids being abused? That’s shameful.

  8. oh please

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