What’s a great way to raise breast cancer awareness? How about a pink gun? — UPDATED


The good people at the Susan G. Komen Foundation — ever heard of them? — are offering the pink pistol below:

Discount Gun Sales has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation to offer a pink version of its popular Walther P-22 handgun in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Komen Foundation, which sponsors pink-ribbon walks and other events to raise money for breast cancer research, is embroiled in controversy following its decision to defund Planned Parenthood.

An undisclosed portion from the sale of each Walther P-22 “Hope Edition” will be donated to the Seattle Branch of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The gun retails for $429.99.

The Hope Edition has “an exclusive DuraCoat Pink slide in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness month,” according to the promotion. “Utilizing the same reliable controls and firing mechanism that has made the Walther P-22 America’s top selling handgun, the Hope Edition will be a limited production pistol offered exclusively through Discount Gun Sales.”

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UPDATE: A reader alerted me to this item, indicating Komen has no connection to this scheme:

The extent of the partnership between Komen and Discount Gun Sales was initially unclear, particularly since the gun seller misspells the name of the charity on its website. Yet Andrea Rader, the director of communications for Komen, told HuffPost Friday afternoon that the two groups are not actually affiliated at all.

“We do not have partnerships with any firearms manufacturer. Nor does our Seattle Affiliate receive donations from this manufacturer,” said Andrea Rader, who works in the public relations department at Komen. “As you noted, they even got the name of our organization wrong.”

A spokesman for Komen’s Seattle chapter, meanwhile, told The Huffington Post that his group was completely unaware of Discount Gun Sales’ “Hope” gun and hadn’t received any donations from the company.

“This fundraising scheme is not sanctioned by us; we had no knowledge of it…”


  1. Katie Angel says:

    Okay, this is just WRONG. An organization is dedicated to helping women live is going to take support from a weapon that appears to only have one purpose – to take a life. I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment but I cannot see how this handgun can be used for anything except killing another human being. It would be useless in the woods for hunting and is too heavy and has too much firepower for most self defense weapons. Once again the Komen Foundation seems to mis-stepped.

  2. Two new words have just appeared to described all that’s happened in L’affair Komen this week:
    Komened and pinked! As in, “We’ve been Komened!” “We’ve been pinked!”

    No explanation is necessary!

  3. Katie, too heavy and too much firepower for self defense? It’s a handgun, not an assault rifle. If you are going to have a gun in your home this is probably just about right, unless one prefers a shotgun.

    Pink on a gun is wrong though. Not serious enough.

  4. Mark LaVergne says:


  5. sanabituranima says:

    Well, I guess if you shoot people before they get cancer then that’s one solution.

  6. I don’t buy any breast cancer related stuff but I’d love to have a pink gun.

  7. Maybe the pink gun is to shoot themselves in the foot.

  8. I commend the Komen Foundation for doing the near impossible. They have brought together the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice movements — who both agree Komen is one screwed up organization.

  9. You want to appeal to all groups?

  10. Is this a joke? It sounds like something from The Onion.

  11. I’m sorry but do you know anything about guns? It’s .22 caliber, ITS ONLY USE IS RODENT HUNTING! It takes like 10 rounds of .22 to stop a man.

  12. Oregon Catholic says:

    I guess a person could pull out a pink gun and make their assailant die laughing.

  13. Deacon,

    Komen has come out with this statement about the guns.

    “This fundraising scheme is not sanctioned by us; we had no knowledge of it. We have not received a single penny from this gun seller. It is a rogue scheme,” said Jim Clune, communications manager for the Puget Sound Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. “We have forwarded this issue to the National Komen office, requesting they contact Discount Gun Sales with a cease and desist order.”


  14. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    Thanks for the update!

  15. naturgesetz says:

    With the link in the original article for contributions to Planned Parenthood, this looks liker a hoax. I’d have said satire if it weren’t for the link to PP, which gives it the appearance of a dirty trick.

    Can you track this down, Deacon Greg?

  16. John Placette says:

    Not true! Before the proliferation of higher caliber handguns, countless people were killed with .22s. A .22 round enters and literally bounces around inside the body causing all kinds of damage. (as seem experientially in 35 plus years of law enforcement).

    The pink handgun is nothing more than a marketing tool to attract women buyers. Pink guns have been around for some time. Some of the manufacturers are: Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, Charter Arms, etc

  17. I was going to post this as well. It is not by SGK. However, not sure if the issue was SGK offering it or just a hit on weapons in general since it seems like a weapon supported by the second amendment constitutional right and also the right to protect ourselves from serious harm. I am not a gun person, but know a number of women who live either alone or whose husbands travel who have purchased and learned how to handle guns over the last 10 years. I support their right to have protection in an age of growing danger and rising crime. The women I know have this type of weapon and in many cases have had the support of local law enforement on training to use it properly. I doubt any would purchase a pink one, but might if they thought it was also supporting the fight on breast cancer. Thanks Deacon Greg for the update above. SGK only bad move this week was backing off from cutting off PP. I had this sent to me in an email about the huge lie of PP providing mammorgrams despite their leader talking about it as if it happened in their facilities on a routine basis.



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