Who’s that nun at the Academy Awards?

Anyone asking that question clearly doesn’t know about Dolores Hart — Hollywood starlet who left the movies to become a cloistered Benedictine nun in the early 1960s.  Now her story has been made into an acclaimed documentary called “God Is Bigger Than Elvis,” which is up for an Oscar.  And Dolores Hart — now known as Mother Dolores — will be at the Academy Awards tomorrow night, walking the red carpet in her habit.

A decade ago, “20/20″‘s Bob Brown did a superb piece on Mother Dolores, and I suspect it was  responsible for bringing her story to a wider audience.  Take a look below.

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  • Joe Cleary

    Sorry to read that Don Robinson, her fiancee– who was also featured in the 20/20 special –and who never married,remained a close friend and visited with Mother Dolores every year at the abbey , passed away a few months ago.

    His extraordinary response to her calling was every bit as unexpected and inspiring as hers. I had hoped he would escort her on to the Red carpet tomorrow night – which would have been a most appropriate and deserved honor.

  • pagansister

    Still a totally beautifully woman—outside and in! :o)

  • http://fromthepulpitofmylife.blogspot.com/ Ruth Ann Pilney

    Thanks for showing this. I remember her movies and her decision to be a nun. How wonderful that she was faithful to her calling. I hope she is respected and not exploited at the Academy Awards.

  • http://www.lacydelagarza.wordpress.com Lacy

    Wow. I have chills from this.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. Thank you.

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  • Roberta Gorman

    Thanks to God for such an inspiring story. We need to see more of this kind of news

  • http://balancingtheledger.blogspot.com/ Joe Cleary

    Another film won ( a story about a plastic surgeon who tries to heal woman and girls who have faces disfigured from acid attacks in Pakistan )

    The photos of Mother Dolores smiling on the red carpet are classics! I’d say in many ways she very much won big tonight.

  • Kenny R

    I first saw Dolores Hart in the film biography of St. Francis of Assisi wherein she portrayed Clare of Assisi. The film was made on location in Assisi. Oddly enough, Mother Dolores asserts that that experience had no bearing on her calling to a religious vocation. I would have guessed differently.

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  • Wayne C

    Wow! What a contrast her presence makes from the glitter and emptiness of so much of Hollywood. Her beauty shines through – even now! She seems to have a way of understanding and loving even those who still remain in the spotlight! How wonderful that she came to the Oscars on Sunday! What a statement! I’m inspired!

  • Suburbanbanshee

    Re: vocation — Well, she didn’t become a Poor Clare, and she’d probably been playing saints since grade school. So it was probably just a nice thing to do.

    Now, whether or not God was trying to influence her vocation, that’s another question.

  • http://www.tooheybrown.com Thomas Toohey Brown

    Sister was being interviewed by a clueless and secular woman who asked her, ‘did you blow off Lent to be here?’ Very classy.