Cuomo declares “Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week” in New York State

Well, what do you know?

From the press release:

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today designated March 12-18, 2012 as Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week in New York State. A formal proclamation issued by the Governor today paid tribute to Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York, in honor of his elevation to the College of Cardinals. To commemorate the week, One World Trade Center will be lit red starting tonight and lasting through Sunday, March 18.

“It is an honor to designate Timothy Cardinal Dolan Week in New York,” Governor Cuomo said. “Cardinal Dolan has quickly become a beloved leader in our state and it is clear that he will continue to have a tremendous impact on the next generation of Catholicism in New York and throughout the United States.”

…Official proclamations are used to honor individuals who make invaluable contributions to the well-being of New York, including those enriching the state through religious and spiritual work.



  1. Nice! Now if only Andrew Cuomo could align his conscience with the teachings of the Catholic Church!

  2. Isn’t it amazing how a politician slaps with one hand and then cuddles with another. One of the oldest tricks in politics. In the end Andrew Cuomo will need the catholic vote. Of course this will appeal to those voters who blow with the wind.

  3. Having worked in this business, I can tell you these types of ceremonial proclaimations only happen when the person or institution requests it.

  4. Right, Cdl Dolan asked to be honored (or his staff did so, maybe as a belated birthday surprise?)

    One of Dolan’s biggest penances is accepting honors. I’ve know him for many years. He has a major steak of John Vianney in him.

  5. streak, not steak. :) edp.

  6. WHAT???? St. John Vianney???? Are you serious? Can u imagine The Cure of Ars clapping and cheering a gay group at Mass, or failing to work up any meaningful defense of marriage in his own land, or inviting to a celebratory dinner and speaking in glowing terms of a leader whose hands are covered in blood? Are we talking about the same John Vianney, or the same Cardinal Dolan. Whatever!

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