A liturgy that left me speechless — UPDATED

And I don’t mean that in a good way.  Thank you, Kathy Schiffer, for ruining my Sunday.

The clip below is some sort of liturgy from some sort of religion in some sort of country that evidently speaks German.  Fr. Dwight, commenting on this, wonders if it’s even Catholic.  Having watched most of it — I sped through the parts that were bringing bile to my lips — I can report that the celebrant offers a blessing at the end that looks very Catholic, that the church appears to have paintings of the Stations of the Cross that look to be very Catholic, and that in the last few seconds a woman saunters up to something that appears to be a tabernacle and, when she does is done, genuflects.  Maybe someone who knows German can translate?

Whatever it was, wherever it was: that sound you hear is my mind, boggling.


UPDATE: A deacon reader who speaks German confirmed that it was, indeed, a Catholic Mass.  He found more:

It is a Catholic Church in Austria, in Hartberg, a city in Styria, Austria.

Here is the website of the Parish.

Notice the TV in the sanctuary of the beautiful baroque church…..The celebrant is Father Andreas Monschein

The Website says the Parish is known for its colorful, liturgical practice that is “close to the people” and a musical variety from Rock Music to the Baroque. Highlights include Palm Sunday, Corpus Christi and Thanksgiving services in the main square of the town, as well as evening services in the open – outside.

They have a youtube channel.

Try the disco mass

— and the visitor from LA

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