“I feel a band of love, of dreams”

Watch what happens when a silent, elderly man in a nursing home dons a set of headphones and hears music from his youth.   Alleluia!

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  1. Elizabeth Scalia says:

    Thank you for posting this. When my brother had a massive stroke at a young age, he lost most of his speech, but his love for music (he’d been a talented musician) came through when we played his favorites — even if he couldn’t get the words out, he crooned the melodies and tapped his foot. Music, like love, is part of God.

  2. What a beautiful soul Henry is!

  3. Such a wonderful story! Thank you for giving it to us!

  4. The day before my father died of dementia complications, I brought my iPod over and put the earbuds in his ears and played the songs he had liked when he was younger: mainly Dylan, but show tunes and Anglican hymns as well. He seemed to enjoy it. At times my mother picked up one earbud and put in her ear and they listened together. I saved the playlist.

  5. What a beautiful story!

  6. Keith Kemp says:

    I wish I could cry a lot easier………I almost got some tears out watching this video. Tears of joy that is. That joy on Henry’s face was almost more than I could handle.
    To God be all glory and honor for inspiring Henry’s caretakers to try this experiment.

  7. Brandon A. Evans says:

    A great, great find! Thank you for posting this.
    What a blessing from God that music can re-awaken sleepy, lonely souls…that in a place of seeming hopeless, grace can punch through the clouds in such a simple way.

  8. When my mother was in the last stages of the disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, we used to pitch songs to her like “Some enchanted evening, you may see a ___________.” Although she couldn’t talk or swallow food, we could detect her mumble, “stranger.”

    It helped us all make her deterioration bearable.

  9. pagansister says:

    The power of music never ceases to amaze. Henry’s expression says it all. :o)

  10. This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Beautiful and inspiring.

    Cab Calloway! The man has taste.

  11. I minster in a nursing home what a great gift u have just give me. Also in a Max Security Prison and some of the men just sit and stair maby I can implament this to them I will try and use it when I can. Thanks so much for sharing this great gift. WOW He Has Risen Deacon Gordon

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