I’m sure this seemed like a good idea at the time

The Diocese of Brooklyn (yes, that’s my diocese) decided to advertise Catholic schools with a special Sunday supplement in the New York Daily News.

To promote it, on Friday they had stickers placed on the front page of the paper.

This is how it turned out.


  1. It’s usually the Mom’s that make the educational decisions for their children, but the Diocese may have a very unique way to involve all the Dad’s too! :-)

  2. An unfortunate juxaposition, for sure. But they can’t complain that the ad was buried on the last page where it will never be noticed!

  3. Joe Mc. Faul says:

    Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

  4. Some of the shills on Madison Avenue will say “Any publicity is good publicity”
    The Brooklyn Diocese will find out

  5. diakonos09 says:

    Ha ha….oh well. I am assuming the number of male applicants in middle and high school just rocketed.

  6. Mark Greta says:

    Catholic organizations flirting with the world usually come out with something all over them that has a very bad odor. Taking out an ad on the front page without knowing what would be there seems to lack common sense. If this could not be understood in advance, which I would doubt possible, walk away. In the business world, a preson who does this, but spends money doing it, would probably not be working there any more.

  7. LOL!!!! Oh my. Perhaps you can sue the Daily News. :lol:

  8. Well you know what they say, catholic girls are hot.

  9. First thing to come to mind for me was Romans 8:28: For those who love Him, all things work for the greater good. (all means all!).

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