On Medjugorje

Now that Mark Shea has weighed in on this peculiar screed — wherein, it seems, I’m part of a vast all-male conspiracy — I just want to add my two cents.

The author of that posting, one Stephen K. Ryan, is not unfamiliar to me.  He wrote me many months back, wondering why I don’t post more about Medjugorje.  I told him.  And now I’ll tell you.

First of all:  I have some serious personal misgivings toward these “apparitions,” because at least one person close to me has come away from them deeply disturbed, both emotionally and spiritually.

Beyond that, I don’t think a member of the Catholic clergy should be advocating or endorsing unapproved apparitions.  That goes for deacons, priests, bishops and, yes, cardinals.

And as for a conspiracy: I’ve swapped one or two emails with a couple of the people mentioned, but it’s never been about Medjugorje.

Despite some cordial and generally respectful communications about all this, and a final “we’ll have to agree to disagree” conclusion, Stephen  K. Ryan elected to float an insidious “all-male conspiracy-against-Medjugorje” theory anyway, and lumped me into it.

It was cynical, cheap, and patently false.  And he knew it.

Chalk this up to another “fruit” of Medjugorje.

For a more thorough dissection of all this, visit Te Deum Laudamus.

This is the last I plan to say on this.  Comments are closed.

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