Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog

This looks sweet and funny: a Japanese film about the life of a guide dog for the blind.

Bring lots of Kleenex.

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  1. This was very moving for me. I have a yellow Lab and she looked just like many of those dogs at various stages of her life. Right now my Brandi is suffering from some sort of liver disease. She has refused to eat in a week. We’re praying that she pulls through but it’s currently touch and go.

  2. pagansister says:

    All positive thoughts are being sent to Brandi, Manny.
    The puppies in the video were so cute—-and the one chosen—very special indeed.

  3. Mark Greta says:

    Just watched a movie with my grandkids this past weekend that was excellent as a teaching opportunity with Richard Gere.

    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale


  4. marylouise says:

    Thanks for this. My daughter will love it. She’s on her third guide dog. Retired doggy lives with my husband and me.

  5. Manny My 13 year old yellow lab is laying by me tonight. Yes she is somewhat slower, hearing not as good , still loves attention and wants you to throw her playtoy for her to chase in the yard.

    Best wishes to you and Brandi – our pets of course are part of God’s wonderful creation. Pretty sure that He had an important purpose in mind as the descendants of wolves became domesticated and evolved into ‘man’s best friend’.

  6. Oh my God, I burst into tears just watching the Hachi, Dogs Tale trailer…I don’t know if I could handle the movie. I love my lab so much…they give and give with no real wants.

  7. Thank you Pagan. Brandi is now in an animal hospital with an IV. Apparently she experienced a reaction to an anti inflamatory drug called Rimadyl. It drove her liver to near failure. But she has improved and the doctor is positive. My appeals for St. Francis of Assisi ‘s prayers seemed to have helped. But it’s not over yet.

  8. Oh thank you Joe. That is kind of you. You can read my response to Pagansister for an update.

  9. I work as a guide dog trainer in the UK and have seen this film years ago with subtitles – it is AMAZING! i sobbed virtually the entire way through! Beautiful story.

  10. pagansister says:

    Manny, so glad to hear that Brandi is improving! Will keep up the positive thinking. :o)

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