What we have come to: traditional marriage depiction “offensive”?


Warwick [Rhode Island] officials are allowing a Pilgrim High School student to finish a hallway mural as she originally intended, after they had a section of it painted over last week.

The mural shows a man’s journey from childhood to adulthood, with the last part showing him standing with a woman and child with wedding rings over their heads. Officials had the last part painted over after at least one student raised concerns that the traditional ending might offend people with alternative lifestyles.

Officials gave the student the go-ahead on Monday to complete the mural as she intended. They say the mural had been approved in advance by school administrators and doesn’t violate any policies.

School Committee Chairwoman Bethany Furtado says officials shouldn’t have ordered the last part painted over.


  1. NOT offending our Lord and God is the only thing that matters.

  2. Someone way over-thought the problem to imbecility. There’s nothing offensive about it whatsoever. Even those with “alternative lifestyles”, which I take to mean “gay”, very often have the same aspirations and life path as that depicted in the mural. All of them also went through childhood and entered the world as adults in some fashion, and many will have kids and increasingly many of them will have the option to get married and even those who don’t still tend to aspire to the same thing – a long-term family partnership. I find that many of those who go into school administration do so because they’re not bright enough to be waste haulers or Wal-Mart greeters.

  3. “…they’re not bright enough to be waste haulers or Wal-Mart greeters.” More gratuitous insults.

  4. pagansister says:

    Leave it to my former state of residence to once again make the news! How can anyone have a problem with wedding rings over the heads of 2 people? Yes, the depiction was male and female, but kenneth said it well—even those with “alternate” live styles might one day want to marry.

  5. I don’t know how to play guitar. On behalf of all the non-musical people, I’m offended. Oh, I’m also offended that the person depicted is a male. Plus he’s white. And not disabled.

  6. Sorry, Ed. I didn’t mean this comment as a reply to yours. It’s a comment meant to stand on it’s own.

  7. Well, as a conservative Catholic, I’m offended OFFENDED that there’s only one child depicted as the fruit of this marriage. Awfully suspicious. I say it’s ANTI-CATHOLIC.

  8. (Fr. Richard John) Neuhaus’ Law: Where orthodoxy is optional, orthodoxy will sooner or later be proscribed.

  9. Maybe they have just begun. Can’t have a large family all at once. Also, the Catholic Church doesn’t demand large families.

  10. I think Nate was kidding.

  11. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Sigh. Back when I was in high school twenty years ago, students at my school painted a mural about American history that showed the KKK as one of several bad guys. And of course one of the mothers was all shocked and offended. She wasn’t shocked or offended by any of the other bad guys in any of the other American history murals that the students painted, of course.

  12. Kenneth — Your last sentence was uncalled for and unchristian.

  13. kenneth:
    Re your comment – “I find that many of those who go into school administration do so because they’re not bright enough to be waste haulers or Wal-Mart greeters.”

    This comment contributes nothing positive to a civil discussion of this topic. Why do you make such slurs?

  14. Actually as a Catholic I might have been offended at that age. I wanted to be a monk and the idea that marriage was what I inevitably/must do irritated me. Although if she just said “this is the path I see as most usual” I’d probably be like “fair enough.”

  15. I would like to add pagan and Kenneth….that though they “hope” for these things….they would also be “wrong”.

  16. From having a close friend who is gay, I can tell you he isn’t offended by “traditional” marriage”. What problem offends him however, was that most of his “Christian” friends abandoned him when he came out, and made (and still make) rude and demeaning comments about him behind his back.

  17. LoneThinker says:

    Wonder why they did not object to modern clothing and insist they wear Roman togas and Greek crowns and insist they be placed in ancient Rome or Greece. Their males had male and boy sex partners. Ah- they also saw marriage as man and woman- please forget the suggestion,

  18. pagansister says:

    “they would be wrong”. Tyler. Perhaps, but not in the eyes of all.

  19. Don’t think that all school administrators are quite as “PC” as these. I’m a high school principal. We would have allowed this without question.

  20. Ah relativism ….that ideology doesn’t scale well pagan

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