Worth a thousand words

Fenway Park, Boston.  Friday 13 April 2012.  Source.


  1. What? That photo doesn’t look like it’s from 2012. It’s worth a thousand words because if the photo was actually shown at that ball game, then why was it shown? If this is a photo of opening day with the black and white nun picture inserted, then why? I have a million questions about what this is. Huh?

  2. meggan, its probably a photo that went up on the scoreboard as part of some sort of slideshow reflecting the 100 years of Fenway park, but I’m just guessing.

  3. Funny story! A couple of weeks ago my best friend’s niece and her husband gave my friend 2 tickets to the Red Sox opening game at Fenway on last Friday, 4/13. My friend, not being able to go, gave her tickets to her brother in Switzerland and his daughter in Africa.. They didn’t waste amy time getting over here, (arrived Wednesday night)! and enjoyed Friday’s win!!

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