April 3, 33

According to some geologists, hat may be the date when Jesus was crucified.

And here’s how they know:

The International Geology Review investigated an earthquake that was said to have occurred the same date as Jesus’ crucifixion; which was most likely Friday April 3, 33 A.D.

In Gospel of of Matthew, Chapter 27 says: “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave up his spirit. At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, the rocks split and the tombs broke open.”

According to Discovery News, geologist Jefferson Williams of Supersonic Geophysical and colleagues Markus Schwab and Achim Brauer of the German Research Center for Geosciences, analyzed earthquake activity in the area by studying three cores from the Ein Gedi Spa beach.

The research confirmed that two major earthquakes have hit the area specified, one during the period between 26 BCE and 36 CE, and could be the one referred to in the Gospel of Matthew.

However, the earthquake data alone doesn’t fully confirm the date. Williams, Schwab, and Brauer admit that the earthquake implied in the gospel could be allegorical, referring to the earthquake that occurred sometime before or after the crucifixion.

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  1. For HolyWeek my pastor encorporated some information examining the sky events and the placement of the stars at the time of Christ’s death event. John’s gospel mentions an eclypse ( darkening of the skys) and the NASA program that recreates that placement comes to the same historical date as the geologist.

  2. LoneThinker says:

    Suggest we stick with the allegorical in Matthew. Otherwise we compare him to Luke. That combo gives us Jesus going to Bethlehem from Nazareth, their homw town, going to the Temple at eight days, again at 40 days, back to Nazareth. Two years after the Wise Men “forgot 2 to stop by and tell Herod who they found, Herod goes to BETHLEHEM, the city for the census, but He is in Egypt, stay until the Old Boy is dead and decide to go to Nazareth for their first visit. parallels with Moses, Egypt for the Hebrew people and Pharaoh killing boys but Moses escapes.
    That is more complicated than deciding where Mr Obama was born and went to school in the 20th century with all of the records and investigative journalists. On both sides!

  3. Joe: The cool film Star of Bethlehem gives the same date too, I think.

  4. Ryan Ellis says:

    How does this account for the Julian/Gregorian switch, if at all?

    Tradition puts the day on March 25th, according to the Julian reckoning.

  5. Fiergenholt says:

    Three things to consider:

    –IF Herod the Great died in 4bc (as current research suggests); then Jesus MAY have been born as soon as 6bc.

    –AND, IF he lived thirty years at home and only three (maybe four) years in public ministry before he was crucified, that would bring us to AD 28 in our current calendar.

    –THEN THAT MEANS we would have to seriously look at the events of AD 28 and wonder whether Jesus’ passion/death/resurrection was on Passover week-end of that year.

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