Deacons and the “Fortnight for Freedom”

As the USCCB ramps up preparations for this event next month, Chicago’s deacons are launching their own response: a conference on religious liberty.

From an e-mail I received yesterday:

The intent is:

  • To prepare deacons and priests to preach during the Fortnight of Freedom
  • To provide clergy and church ministers with a venue for their own formation and engagement of the religious liberty question
  • To suggest strategies on how to engage different audiences in the parish in preaching and in ministry
  • To survey the principles of Catholic thought and to study the  document “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty,” issued by the USCCB’s Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty
  • To provide a venue for integration and processing of the issues.

Read more about it at the very good website of the Archdiocese of Chicago deacons.