Shepherd of note: the musical stylings of Bishop Paprocki

Springfield’s Bishop Thomas Paprocki is getting a lot of attention these days as one of the bishops reviewing the LCWR.

He also likes to sing.  A lot.  In homilies.  The clip below is from his installation as bishop two years ago.


  1. He also runs marathons. A talented guy.

  2. He is also one of the ten bishops on the recently formed USCCB Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty. (And he has been a bishop for less than ten years!) Am I the only one who sees a physical and personality resemblance to Pope John Paul II?

  3. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    Methinks he also plays hockey, doesn’t he?

    He seems to me to be a more low-key figure than JPII, who was truly larger than life and had that whole personal magnetism thing going.

    Maybe it’s a Polish thing :-)


  4. Or better yet, he and JPII could be first cousins twice removed (two people for whom a first cousin relationship is two generations removed).

  5. He does indeed play hockey. his nickname is “the Holy Goalie.”

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