This changes everything: a revolutionary ketchup bottle

Memorial Day cookouts may never be the same, if this sucker ever gets into the marketplace.


  1. IntoTheWest says:

    I can’t get past “condiment lubricant”. :D

  2. So glad somebody else’s mind went there. Mea culpa.

  3. It will be great if it works with shampoo bottles.

  4. There’s a product called Rain-X that you can apply to your windshield, making it so slippery that raindrops won’t adhere. I’m not so sure I want something like this in my food.

  5. Ditto. Plus where is the magic of a ketchup bottle then? Hit the “57,” smack the bottom, shake wildly until somehow the whole contents leave the bottle at once so that you have some fries drowning in ketchup, its all part of the fun of Americana.

  6. RP Burke says:

    I have the easy solution to the ketchup bottle problem, since I can’t stand ketchup. Don’t use it, and it’s no problem!

  7. Notgiven says:

    Now, there’s a product worthy of its IPO!

    As to what makes the stuff slide: it is edible from what I understand.

  8. Won’t work. People like me would spill the entire full bottle on my french fries. It comes out too easy. ;)

  9. Notgiven says:

    Just think of the site gags!

    I was going to suggest mayo, like they do in Europe, but they’ll put it in those containers, too!

    Oh well! You just know they are going to put it on the market. Perhaps they will offer both versions.

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