Welcome home, dad: boy with cerebral palsy walks for first time

Wow.  A soldier’s homecoming like no other.   Read the story here. But watch the video.  And weep with wonder and joy.

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  1. pagansister says:

    Eyes welling up in tears of happiness at this child walking for the first time, to his Dad. Never believe the doctors when they tell you something can’t be done! Michael proved them wrong.

  2. Deacon,
    All that I can express with any assurance is that this sort of depiction of “family” should adorn the media covers of periodicals such as “TIME” or “HuffPost.” The sad irony of the hubbub generated by the post above this one far exceeding the reaction level of this one is disturbing.
    Who are the true progressives in these two stories? The son’s inexorable march to his dad, whose sacrifice he moved through not just for family but for country and freedom? Or the self-absorbed narcissists, who can’t get passed the reflection of themselves in a pane of glass or a lifeless tidepool?
    God bless this family.

  3. Momof2MilitaryGuys says:

    What a tear-jerker. I have seen several similar movies lately…and the darling, but handicapped child’s father was sadly no longer “in the picture”. I am SO glad to see this boy walking to his dad!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. ron chandonia says:

    Wonderful comment! At one time, Norman Rockwell would have painted scenes like this for magazine covers, and people would have proudly displayed his work on their coffee tables. Today this is the sort of family that draws sneers from the smart set: partly because they’re military, but even more because they’re raising their kids as a team. They’re probably even religious. No TIME covers for them!

  5. Thanks, I needed this.


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