What happens at a deacon ordination?

Glad you asked.

Deacon Bill Ditewig has a terrific podcast that answers that very question, and more.

Click here to listen.

They’re ordaining 13 new deacons on the Diocese of Monterey on Saturday.  Keep them in your prayers!  I hope to have more after the big event.


  1. ron chandonia says:

    Interesting commentary on the diaconate itself as well as the ordination ceremony. The one thing we do not do here is “switch off” so that two of the new deacons can assist at part of the ordination mass. It strikes me that choosing which men would assist would be entirely too difficult–and given the time and effort the families have put into supporting the formation process, would necessarily leave some people feeling slighted.

  2. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    When we did that, we drew lots. Names out of a hat, I believe.


  3. Deacon Steve says:

    We did the same thing, the men were able to put their names into the drawing if they wanted. One was chosen from the English track and the other from the Spansh track. I was honored to be chosen as one of the two.

  4. midwestlady says:

    These are deacons. When people get to this stage of the process, they’re supposed to be, and usually are, past bickering over being slighted and such things. Deacons are about service and charity to the Church. I doubt that any of them would want a mark like that on their ordination day.

  5. Deacon Norb says:


    In August 1978, I was one of the “rookie” deacons who was selected to be switched off to become one of the Chaplains to my ordaining bishop in the middle of the Mass.

    I never asked how/why that happened and rankly never thought about that fact all that much since that time.

  6. Deacon Norb says:

    that should be . . . .”frankly”

  7. ron chandonia says:

    Substitute the word “bishops” for “deacons” and see if the revised statement sounds equally convincing . . .

    In any case, I was not thinking about the newly ordained men themselves so much as I was about their families. To say there seems to be a lot of “tension” among the family members on ordination day would be a serious understatement. It strikes me as very similar to the family dynamics on wedding days or even graduation days. When feelings of joy (and relief) are intense, so are sensitivities of a less happy sort.

  8. At my ordination my classmates tried to force me to be deacon of the Mass since I had been class leader – I refused and asked to draw straws – which they rigged so I won that draw – but I called them on it and an honest draw was then done and it went to one of the least likely candidates – I felt great that this fellow received that honor. Ordination was enough for me – being deacon of the Mass really didn’t make a difference to me – having God select one of us was the right thing to do.

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