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Well, I’ve been at sea — in every sense — for the last several days and am finally at a place with an Internet connection that is somewhat better than crappy.  So allow me to the 15th or 20th or 2,000th person to welcome to the Patheos family the freshly minted padre, Fr. Michael Duffy!  (A sitting ovation erupts from computer stations around the globe).  Far as I know, he’s no relation to Elizabeth Duffy, but I could be wrong.  But he’s no stranger to Patheos, as Elizabeth Scalia can attest, and he’s even made an appearance here at The Bench.

He’s a bright, enthusiastic, passionate young priest, prone to big laughs and big hugs.  (I speak from experience, having experienced both for myself at his diaconate ordination last December.)  His shiny new blog  “Father, Where Art Thou?” promises to be a morning must-read, chornicaling the life and times of a newly ordained priest finding his way in a modern landscape that, in matters religious, is often inhospitable (if not downright hostile.)  But we are very hospitable here at Patheos, Fr. D, so make yourself right at home!  Pull up a kneeler and stay a while.

When I started The Bench five years ago, I had been ordained all of two weeks and did it more or less because there just weren’t a lot of deacon blogs out there.  In a similar vein, there don’t appear to be a lot of blogs out there by newly ordained priests, either, so I’m delighted to see Fr. Michael Duffy jumping into the water with both feet.    

If it turns out he can walk on that water, THAT will really be news!

Welcome, MD!  Ad multos annos!

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