Happy Year of Faith!

As the Holy Father kicks off this Year of Faith, Patheos is getting into the act, with a special page devoted to the occasion, featuring some lively and interesting discussion on all things faith-y.

Elizabeth Scalia has the scoop:

Every week throughout the Year of Faith that page will be showcasing Catholic voices from around the world, featuring people of all stripes and callings – women and men, and Catholic youth; bishops, religious, deacons and priests – all sharing their experience of this year of growth, which is meant to deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ and strengthen his Church.

And you might want to bookmark the page to check back every day, because I’ll be posting pieces as I get them, all year long — or, keep track of things by “liking” it’s Facebook page!

We are happy to start off with a bit of a bang, with a lead piece by Indianapolis’ super plugged-in Bishop Christopher J. Coyne who writes on Jesus and the Digital Culture:

In order to “speak in the light” and “proclaim on the housetops,” I need to go where the proclamation will be heard. Today, the digital culture is one of those places. I desire to both evangelize through and evangelize the new media digital itself. Right now, there is too much “darkness” in the new media and not enough light. By bringing the name and person of Jesus Christ to the new digital media, by proclaiming the Good News, and by being a presence of Christ and His Church in the new media, I hope to bring others to either know Him for the first time or to know Him more deeply in His Church.

You might want to also bookmark this truly outstanding piece by Pat Gohn, who — after describing the three means by which we propel the year and invite the workings of the Holy Spirit into our lives and actions — has taken the trouble to create a wide-ranging resource so you can make the most of the Year of Faith at home, online or on-the-go.

There’s much more to come. Be sure to bookmark the page and check back often. You never know who will pop up, or pop in. (I’m there, too, if you don’t get too sick of me here at The Bench…)

Meantime: Happy Year of Faith! Bon voyage!