Poland to start funding IVF treatments

And the secularization of Europe continues.  Details:

Poland’s Prime Minster Donald Tusk announced plans on Monday to finance in-vitro fertilization treatment for couples, setting himself on a collision course with conservatives who say the procedure violates Catholic doctrine.

A growing number of increasingly secular Poles back IVF, which has been performed in Poland for 25 years, but traditionally Catholic Poland has never passed legislation regulating the treatment.

Tusk said he would ask the Health Ministry to provide financing for 15,000 couples, both married and unmarried, for up to three in-vitro procedures for three years after other fertility treatments fail.

His Civic Platform party has wrestled over several bills dealing with IVF, with conservatives seeking to criminalize the procedure and the secular wing wanting to offer state funding.

“There’s an impasse in the parliament because of the wide scale of opinions and I fear this will last for a long time,” Tusk told a news conference.

“This is why I thought it was important to avoid influencing what will be expected from the bill but to secure the safety of the patients and the fetuses,” he said.

The treatment is backed by a growing majority of Poles. In a survey in September, four out of five Poles supported the treatment for married couples and three out five for unmarried partners.

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