Ringing in the “Year of Faith”

Parishes and schools are being encouraged to mark the special year that begins on Thursday by making a joyful noise:

Churches around the country will ring their bells at noon to mark the beginning of the Year of Faith called for by Pope Benedict XVI.

A joint project of the Cincinnati-base Verdin Co., the Son Rise Morning Show, and the Catholic Campus Ministry Association, “Ring in the Year of Faith” invites churches everywhere to ring their bells for three minutes on Oct. 11, the first day of the Year of Fatih.

“Let your neighbors know that the New Evangelization is underway in your part of the world,” says Bishop James D. Conley, Diocese of Lincoln, NB.

Organizers are urging people to ring bells at their schools and even at their homes. “Anyone can take part by ringing any kind of bell for three minutes —from a carillon of bells to a digital carillon ringing the Angelus to enthusiastic children with hand bells, bicycle bells and doorbells,” says Verdin representative Bob Santoro. “The sound of thousands of bells across the country ringing out at the same time to mark this important time will be a thrilling experience among Catholics, parishes, and communities.”

Non-Catholic churches are invited to ring their bells in solidarity with the Catholic Church’s stance on religious liberty.

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