Sweet video: Cardinal Dolan visits his parish church in Rome—UPDATED

And he won over the crowd as only he can.  Take a look at the CNS video, below.  And read more about the church here.  

UPDATE: CNS has a piece about the Cardinal’s visit:

On Oct. 14, Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York, who became a cardinal in February, took formal possession of his titular church in characteristically ebullient style, literally embracing as many of his new flock as he could, and punctuating the observances with his trademark humor.

“Thank you for your patience with my Italian,” the cardinal told a standing-room-only crowd of about 300 in the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. “I’m afraid that I speak Italian like a child. But before God we are all children, and God understands everyone.”

The parishioners responded in the same spirit, with frequent laughter and applause.

“We saw a joy, a gladness, and a beautiful way of relating that strikes us as Franciscan, not only Christian,” said Franciscan Sister Amalia Coluccia, mother general of one of the 10 religious communities affiliated with the parish. “He is very close to the people, very joyous. He made a beautiful impression.”

And the Cardinal himself wrote about it on his blog: 

It was a wonderful parish celebration!  The Church was packed with families for whom Our Lady of Guadalupe is a home. Afterwards, there was a wonderful luncheon in the parish hall. They made me feel like a real pastor!

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