“Within our darkest nights, you kindle a fire that never dies away…”

A priest friend who works at a college on Long Island posted this on his Facebook page this morning:

It’s another cloudy day here on Long Island. It’s dark with out power and hard to get around with so many trees down. Dark, no energy and cut off. For many it seems bleak. What lies ahead seems overwhelming, clean up, rebuilding, starting over, and for students catching up.

I believe down deep we humans have amazing strength and resilience. For those on campus at the beginning of the semester, at the Mass of the Holy Spirit we used the example of the chocolate syrup at the bottom of the glass with milk. That syrup represented the very life of God in us. It’s always there and just needs to be stirred.

If you can stir it up (prayer) it can give you the strength to handle all of this. Stir it up and be generous. Check in with your elderly neighbors, give a bit of baby sitting to that harried single mom, help people clean their yards. Stir up that life of God in you. Stir up strength, courage, joy, generosity and comfort.

And as a meditative reminder, he added this beautiful chant from Taize below.

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