Something cool: an app for Catholic baby names

It’s just been released from OSV:

Most expectant parents spend many hours discussing possible names for their newest family member. Trying to hone in on a name that is both personal and unique can exacerbate the process.

Now Our Sunday Visitor has an app for this. Saint Names for Your Baby is a handy iPhone app that allows for searching a huge database of over 1,000 saints by sex, patronage, feast day, and country of origin. The entries also include known biographical information on the saint.

“This is a fun and easy way for parents to bring a spiritual aspect to a tough decision,” stated John Christensen, Our Sunday Visitor’s director of sales and marketing. Parents might choose a saint whose feast day falls on a special family day, such as a grandparent’s birthday or an anniversary. By browsing the “needs tended to” filter, parents can find saints dedicated to a special cause or need that might be important to them.

Confirmation Names is a new app for young adults preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation candidates are usually asked to choose a saint name and holy role model prior to receiving the sacrament, and this app is one more way to connect young people with their faith through technology.

Finally, Our Sunday Visitor’s Patron Saints app allows anyone with an interest in the saints, Catholic or not, to learn more about their lives and their faith at the push of a button. Catholic tradition has long celebrated the saints, and encourages the faithful to ask for their daily help and intercession.

You can find out more at the OSV link.

And watch a demonstration, courtesy Rome Reports, below.

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