Someone alert George Jetson: amazing device projects a computer keyboard onto any flat surface

Wow.  Just wow: 

Smartphone and tablet users who want a full-sized keyboard without carrying one around may want to check out a device called the Magic Cube.

Demoed by manufacturer Celluon at CES this week, the Magic Cube displays a full keyboard and a multi-touch mouse on just about any flat surface. The virtual keyboard and mouse appear as red, illuminated projections on the surface. An optical sensor detects the position of your fingers to determine which keys you’re pressing and how you’re moving the mouse.

The Magic Cube can use Bluetooth to pair with your mobile device or USB to connect with a Windows or Mac computer. The device is compatible with iOS 4 or higher, Android 2.2 or higher, Mac OS 10 or higher, and all versions of Windows from XP to 7. The cube itself is compact, so it’s easy to carry around, certainly easier than lugging around a physical keyboard and mouse.

Of course, like any projected keyboard, the Magic Cube lacks the tactile feel of a physical keyboard. But the device does emit a clicking sound each time you press a key, so at least you can hear your typing. A columnist from 9to5Mac who tried the cube was impressed with its accuracy, citing only one typo out of 100 words.

See it in action below:

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