Something to chew on for Vocation Awareness Week

From the Facebook page of a friend who was ordained a priest last year:

On the day of my ordination I was made a Priest.

Now I spend the rest of my life becoming a Priest.

Or, as a wiser person than myself has noted:

God loves us into being, and creates each of us for a purpose and a calling. The calling is our vocation, and our vocation is more than our work — it’s more than our doing; it is the wholeness of our being: who we are, and who and what we serve.

“Who and what is being served” is always a good question to ask.

As my friend noted on his Facebook page, we are constantly in a state of becoming.  We are, each of us, a work in progress.  God is shaping us to become something.

What will it be?

Speaking of vocations…the USCCB blog is running a series of posts on vocations this week.  Check out the first posting today, from a young Franciscan Sister of the Eucharist.

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