Blizzard reminder: if the weather is bad, you can miss Mass—UPDATED

Boston is taking the lead, as the blizzard nears

The Boston Archdiocese is urging parishioners to “use good judgment” when deciding whether to travel to Sunday Mass in the wake of the massive snow storm hitting the region.

Blizzard conditions and up to 3 feet of snow are forecast in the Boston area during the storm, which is expected to be at its worst late Friday and early Saturday.

The archdiocese issued a statement Friday in which it reminded Catholics to be prudent and heed travel advisories in their cities and towns.

In the statement, the archdiocese expressed hope the storm will have passed and roads will be clear by Sunday. But it reminded Catholics that under church law, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass “does not apply when there is grave difficulty in fulfilling this obligation.”

We get this question a lot in my parish. Many well-meaning people will risk life and limb to make it to Mass.

My advice: don’t. Really. Use common sense.  Please.

UPDATE: The Diocese of Providence has also released an advisory: 

“Regarding the attendance at Mass this weekend, Catholics should, first of all, carefully heed the safety directives of state and local officials. Members of the Church who plan to attend Mass on Saturday evening or Sunday should use prudence and extreme caution. In those situations where the conditions are extremely difficult or dangerous, the members of the Church are, of course, dispensed from the normal obligation.”

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