Nuns launch radio show in Texas

They aren’t exactly flying nuns, but they’re definitely on the air.


Yesterday we spent some time at the Guadalupe Radio Network studios prepping for our new weekly live show, A Good Habit. It debuts this coming Wednesday, May 1st, at 1pm. We hope you’ll not only tune in, but call in, as we’ll be devoting part of each show to your questions about our life. We hope our show will be something like this photo, infused with the joy and laughter we try to bring to each person we meet.

This coming Monday we’ll also be dropping in on Richard Reyna’s noon show, Rise and Walk, to chat a little about A Good Habit.

I hope they’ll have podcasts or ways the rest of us can listen online!

Check out the Guadalupe Radio Network for more.  And visit the sister’ blog, too.

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