Cardinal Dolan slams Governor Cuomo over abortion bill

From the New York Daily News: 

New York’s Timothy Cardinal Dolan made it clear this morning that if Gov. Cuomo proceeds with his plans to strengthen state abortion laws, he will face the wrath of the Catholic Bishops.

“I am going to hope that the better natures prevail here, but boy if you come out you can expect us to be as vociferous and rigorous as possible in our opposition to this,” Dolan said during an interview with an Albany radio station Tuesday. “I hope we don’t go there.”

Dolan went so far as to suggest that Cuomo might not be considered a Catholic in good standing if it goes forward.

“I don’t mind telling you that’s one of the things the governor and I talk about,” Dolan said.

“Look, he and I have very grave differences, and this is one of them… That’s something that we talk about and that’s something that I talk turkey with him about.”

Dolan said the conviction of Philadelphia abortion provider Dr. Kermit Gosnell on murder charges had unmasked  “some of the horror that is now obvious in this unfettered abortion demand culture” and he lamented that New York has become the “abortion capital of the world.”

While Dolan did credit Cuomo for his willingness to discuss alternatives to abortion as part his legislation, the cardinal used some his strongest language to date about the governor to complain that New York should be looking to curtail abortions, not expand their availability.

“I am in a bit of consternation as to why in a time when there seems to be kind of a sobering up about these horrors of the unfettered access to abortion, why in New York we are talking about even expanding it further,” Dolan said.

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