Wow: Check Out How One School is Trying to Boost Enrollment

When in doubt, sing! And make it a number from “Les Mis”!

This creative video was produced for the Trinity School in South Bend, Indiana.   Read this blog post to learn how it came together:

We polled the student body to see if they had ideas about what we could do to represent life at the school. I think their imaginations were somewhat stifled by what they’d already seen: we got plenty of submissions for a flash mob, but nothing that was quite ‘the’ idea.

In meeting with Joe Gleason of Greenlawn Films (the group that produced all of our other videos and is incidentally made up of three Trinity School alumni), he threw out the idea of rewriting a song from Les Mis. He’s quite theatrical himself, and obviously very talented behind the camera.

I liked this idea. The students were already singing songs from the musical in the halls (my office is two doors down from the junior and senior boys’ locker room, and I was constantly hearing the boys sing), and while Les Mis is popular, the music is beautiful and the story uplifting. We could also make sure the rewritten lyrics focused on the things that made us truly unique.

You can see the results below.

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