Erie Bishop Says Hospital Can No Longer Be Called “Catholic”


With the change in sponsorship from the Sisters of Saint Joseph to Highmark, Bishop Lawrence Persico announces the health system will no longer be considered a Catholic institution.

Bishop Persico has officially made an announcement that says it’s his responsibility as a pastor, teacher and priest to inform the faithful of his decision.

In a statement from the bishop, he says the health center no longer can be affiliated with the church because quote: “The directives state that Catholic institutions and hospitals may not promote or condone contraceptive practices or direct sterilization of men or women. We do not have a guarantee that these procedures will not be condoned or performed” end quote.

In a statement from Saint Vincent President and CEO Scott Whalen, he stresses his gratitude for the sisters and all they’ve done for the institution for more than 138 years, but he says the times are changing.

Whalen says quote: “The future of health care in Erie has changed and Saint Vincent must be in a position to provide a full continuum of care for all residents in this region” end quote.