Great Moments in Journalism: MSNBC Host Wants to Create a Manual on How the Vagina Works

From yesterrday’s edition of “Morning Joe” comes this roundtable on the abortion situation in Texas.  Guest host Thomas Roberts has in exchange with Nicole Wallace wherein they discuss Wendy Davis. 


THOMAS ROBERTS: But wasn’t she standing up for femaleness in general and women’s reproductive rights? It’s interesting to see Kathleen Parker and people like Peggy Noonan who will pile on a female leader who’s emerging.

WALLACE: See this is a very interesting phenomena. Women are usually the first to pile on to other women.

ROBERTS: Well they’re certainly the first to pile on. And the fact that these are seasoned women who don’t really have to worry about a woman’s right to choose anymore piling on a woman who’s standing up for a woman’s right to choose.

WALLACE: Well let me say every woman and man should care about the issue no matter what side you come down on.

ROBERTS: They should but men should not care about the sanctity of sperm over a women’s right to choose so much, and there are too many Republican men that need a refresher course and a manual to how reproductive rights work and a woman’s vagina.

WALLACE: I’ll leave that to you. If you want to put together a manual, knock yourself out.

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